Plantersville Community Event: Interactive Workshop on Planning for Flooding

Planning to manage flooding should include all community perspectives. This interactive workshop is an opportunity to discuss the issue of flooding in Plantersville, Georgetown County. Participants will simulate community planning and decision making in small groups. Feedback from this workshop will be shared in a report to the general public and county leaders.

This is a FREE event with refreshments provided.

When: Thursday, November 29th from 6:00 – 7:30pm

Where: Plantersville Community Center, 1458 Exodus Drive, Georgetown, SC

Who: The event is hosted by the Friends of the Village Group and Georgetown RISE, an organization that promotes sustainable development in Georgetown county.

Who should attend: Anyone is welcome to attend: concerned citizens, business owners, community leaders, students, etc.

Why participate? Georgetown County and Plantersville residents have experienced a major storm or flood every year for the past four years. These events disrupt lives and jobs, damage homes and health, and result in lost business revenue, school days, and more. Workshop participants will come away with a greater understanding of flooding impacts and possible solutions. They will also gain perspective on how flooding affects different areas of the county. Participants will experience what it is like to have to make planning decisions with different viewpoints and interests represented. Finally, there will be an opportunity for participants to share their reflections on the workshop, their experiences with recent flooding, and their thoughts on how Georgetown County can respond to flooding in the future.

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